Test your smoke alrams

When Did You Last Check Your Smoke Alarms?

Smoke alarms are among the most important devices in your home, and are essential to the protection of your family. When they’re working properly, they’re an excellent early-warning system, allowing you time to ACT in the case of a fire.

So often people don’t check their alarms are working, or if they have battery-powered alarms, they remove the batteries because the alarm is beeping and keeping the household awake.

Remember – it’s too late to find out that your smoke alarm isn’t working when your home is on fire!

At Bhamtech Data and Electrical, we urge you to check your alarms as soon as possible. Our TOP TIPS are:

1) Choose wired smoke alarms, rather than battery powered ones. Wired alarms connect every alarm in the house through the power mains. This means that all alarms will sound, no matter where the fire is located, giving you the ultimate in fire protection.

2) Test your smoke alarm regularly. The NSW Fire Department recommends testing your smoke alarm once a month, and you can test by pressing the “Test” button or using a can of Smoke Alarm Test Smoke. We do not recommend testing with a naked flame such as a gas lighter or lit match.

3) Have a qualified, licensed electrician replace your smoke alarm at least every ten years.

If you don’t currently have a wired alarm, or you haven’t replaced your smoke alarm for over a decade, now is the perfect time to upgrade for your safety. Contact Bhamtech Data and Electrical to help you ensure that your smoke alarms are up to code and working correctly.

Test your smoke alrams

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