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Upgrade your Home Wifi

Are you having trouble with your home or small office Wi-fi?
Not getting the stability in speed and connection that you deserve?
Do you have areas in your home or office that you just can’t connect?
Tired of upgrading your home Wi-fi Router in an attempt to try and fix your Wi-fi?

It’s because consumer grade Wi-Fi is poor quality, we all know it, but we live with it and don’t do anything about it.

A home “wireless router” is not a real thing, it’s a colloquial sales term. A “wireless router” is actually three pieces of hardware that are rolled into one: a router, a network switch and a wireless access point. A team of developers have tried their to best to develop the firmware and User Interface (which is difficult enough when you’re just trying to make all that stuff for one piece of hardware), to meet consumer-friendly price point of let’s say $49.99.
No wonder we all have so many problems with our home Wi-fi …

Solution and recommendation?

Install a Ubiquity Unify AC Wi-fi solution for flawless Wi-fi through your home or office.

Ubiquity Unifi AC

Bhamtech Data and Electrical will install an enterprise level solution through your house or office that will solve all of your Wi-fi woes.
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