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Data Cabling And LAN Cabling

We offer full design and consulting services for all of our cabling installations

Looking to consolidate your IT equipment into a dedicated computer room, or needing to upgrade, relocate or rationalise your data centre? 

You have found the right company to help you upgrade to what your home or business needs.

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This is the best way to guarantee your network and communications perform to the standard you expect.We specialise in data cabling and network infrastructure of all formsproviding a broad scope of services from residential home networks to large commercial office environments.We understand the importance of having a quality, reliable cabling structure and will engineer your cabling system to meet our strict installation guidelines.DESIGN AND CONSULTATIONWe offer a complete design, strategic advice and consultation service for home and office,to ensure you are getting the best data solution for your needs or budget.

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Business Data And Networking

Today’s businesses rely heavily on the requirement for connection to the internet, local servers and centralised storage. 

Without a reliable and fast connection, your business will be losing time and money. 

Bhamtech’s expert staff can design and install a high-end network infrastructure for your office to bring your business into the future to keep you connected and online.

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Bhamtech offers 10 years’ experience in the design, build and upgrade of computer rooms and data centres to assist you handle today’s technology demands and risks associated with a high-end facility or room.

  • Copper and fibre office network infrastructure
  • Workplace technology
  • Computer room and data centre design and consulting
  • Audit and evaluation of technical infrastructure
data cabling

Home Data And Networking

Sophisticated networks are proving to be as vital in the home as in the working world, with the onset of media streaming and the need for fast transferring of files.  

Bhamtech can bring your house into the future with a professional cabled network to join all your devices at gigabit speeds. 

With the inclusion of WiFi you will be not only streaming at top speed but mobile as well.

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Home network cabling

Extend your Internet to any location in the house

  1. WiFi installation and commissioning
  2. SOHO infrastructure services
  3. Home automation and control

At Bhamtech we stay up to date with the latest technology and we make sure that your installation meets all relevant standards.

You can rely on us to provide better and smarter cabling solutions that enhance your home or business physical infrastructure.

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