Install ceiling fans and save literally $100s on your power bill each year!

Ceilingfans_vs_ACAfter running a poll in several groups, it was a close race between saving on your heating bill and ceiling fans v aircon. Today’s FRUGAL FRIDAY post will help you work out whether to spend up on air-conditioning or invest in ceiling fans.

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Install ceiling fans and save literally $100s on your power bill each year!

I’ve installed five ceiling fans in our new home, so far. We’re pricing up air conditioning now, to give us a cool boost on super-hot days.

I decided to revisit the maths on fans v AC as it’s been a while since I crunched the numbers.

The results are compelling. Ceiling fans are a MUCH more cost-effective way to keep cool!

Here are some interesting figures for you…

A ceiling fan costs just 1c per hour to run, compared to 75c per hour for a standard split system AC!

Or to put it another way, you could run 75 ceiling fans for the same cost as ONE AC unit.

Using ONE AC unit for two hours a day, seven days a week, for six weeks (i.e. the hottest weeks of summer) will cost over $63.00.

Using FIVE ceiling fans for the same time will cost $4.20. And supplying and installing five ceiling fans will be only half to two-thirds of the cost of one split system AC unit.

On top of that…
– ceiling fans rarely require maintenance or break down
– they’re more efficient in bigger open spaces
– they don’t dry out the air
– they’re quieter than AC
– you can use them indoors and outside, which is perfect for our Summer-loving lifestyle here in Sydney!

It’s a no-brainier. Ceiling fans give you much more flexibility to cool individual spaces and you can run them for much longer at a much lower cost than AC.

We will install AC as a back-up – with kids and dogs the last thing we want are endless complaints on really hot days.

But we’ll stick to ceiling fans, maximising cross breezes, good sun-blocking window furnishings and ice in our drinks to keep us cool MOST of the time. Better for the environment and better for our hip pockets!

To read more about the cost comparison between ceiling fans and AC check out:

*** Bhamtech Data and Electrical can install your new ceiling fans from just $150 each (fan supplied by you or we can purchase at your cost).***

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