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Wondering if a ceiling fan will help this summer? Sutherland Shire Ceiling Fan Installations

Sutherland Shire Ceiling Fan Installation

Sutherland Shire summers are getting hotter and electricity costs are rising. If you’re renting, or on a tight budget, air-conditioning might not be an option and you might find yourself sweltering your way through unbearably hot days and nights.

Everyone wants a cost-effective way to keep cool on hot days.

A ceiling fan is an affordable cooling option that can make a big difference to how you handle the heat at home. Ceiling fans work like a sea breeze on your skin. They don’t reduce the temperature around you, instead they cool the surface of your skin and make the heat more tolerable. And they’re much cheaper to buy and run, compared to portable or ducted air conditioners.

Ceiling fans are especially great in bedrooms, where you want to be cooler as you sleep, without having to shiver through the icy chill of the aircon.

A well-placed ceiling fan can also be a great addition to existing air conditioning. The fan will keep you cool on its own through most of summer, which means you can reserve use of your more expensive air conditioner for only the hottest days.

Most ceiling fans need a ceiling height of 2.1 metres to 2.4 metres, but an extension rod can be used to install a fan on a higher ceiling. A ceiling fan with reversible rotation is even better, as this can be used in winter to move warm air around the room by drawing it upwards, without causing the breeze that usually comes when the fan pushes air downwards.

Like air conditioners, some ceiling fans can be noisy. If possible, it’s a great idea to test the sound on each setting in store, before you buy.

Call Bhamtech Data and Electrical on 0419 204 542 for advice on whether a ceiling fan is suitable for your home, or book one of our highly qualified and experienced electricians to install your new ceiling fans now, before the heatwave hits and your power bill skyrockets.

Exclusive rates for Sutherland Shire Ceiling Fan Installations
(no call out fee, cost of fan and parts extra):

One or two fans – $175.00 each to install
Three or more fans – $150.00 each to install

Sutherland Shire Electrician Get your Ceiling fan installed by Bhamtech Sutherland Shire Ceiling Fan Installations

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